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Lake fountains aeration action oxygenates and stirs the water layers and can create conditions to shift from toxic to a algae population that is not as dense or as toxic to other organisms in the water.

In addition to plant-generated oxygen, the earth's atmospheric pressure is constantly "pushing" tiny molecules of dissolved oxygen gas into the surface water of our lakes, ponds, oceans, swimming pools-even that glass of water on you kitchen counter!

The process is known as diffusion and it's a never-ending cycle. As oxygen gas is being pushed into water, excess oxygen from the water is simultaneously being released back into the air.

Wind and wave action or man-made fountains can accelerate diffusion by creating more surface area for oxygen to enter the water. 

Beauty With A Purpose!!!

Fountains add oxygen to lake water in order to reduce fish kills, and algae blooms.

Fountains can be used as an aid for aquatic plant and invasive plant control.

Fountains can accelerate diffusion by creating more surface area for oxygen to enter the water.

Fountains can help to de-stratify stagnant water layers.